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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

Go Sadie!!!! I love it! Here's my question though.

Where is one place you should absolutely, positively not get a tattoo?

Love, Lila

Oh "Lila".......have you been spying on me lately? Do you know my secret? This question is very timely. I will just let you all wonder why.

Anyway, to answer your question I believe there are a few places that one should never get a tattoo. The first would be the forehead ('nuff said). The other place would be on the breast, unless of course you don't mind your tattoo becoming LONGER as you age!! Not a pretty sight!

I know you didn't ask about my opinion of tattoos in general, but I am gonna give it. Really I believe that if someone wants a tattoo, it should be in an area that can be easily covered up. You're going to be living with it the rest of your life. It should have some special significance to you. AND it should not be done just to draw attention to yourself.

If someone were to perhaps get "beauty from ashes" tattooed on their foot - OH I think that would be absolutely lovely!!!!!!

Thoughts on tattooing???


Serenity said...

What a wonderful question and a terrific answer...I have 8 of them and they can all be hidden...No tattoos on the boobs...I agree 100%!!! It does indeed have to be something of meaning to you and you alone...Don't get it because you and your friends are out drunk one night with nothing better to do! :o)

Anonymous said...

The bible says no tattoos. Lev.19:28. I like tattoos. I think they are neat. But the bible holds me back from getting one myself. Do I condemn anyone for getting one? No. I just wonder if God was consulted before getting inked up.

I also fear when the time comes that people will have to be tattooed or chipped (mark of the beast) to buy or sell anything. Rev.13:16. If Jesus has not returned at this time, then I will be the one who will not get this mark. All for the Name of Jesus.

Sorry if I rained on anybody's parade. Not sorry for preaching God's Word.

Anonymous said...

Definitely no tattoo around the belly button. After babies, that area is never the same again!!!


Tightening the Corset Again said...

I have seen several women in formal occasions with beautiful formal dresses and tattoos on their shoulders. I have a tattoo (mine is in a place where if you see it, you're not minding your own business)... but I think they do tend to look trashy if put in the wrong place.

And with all due respect... if we are going to live completely by the book of Leviticus that means that women are going to have to be locked away by themselves when they're on their cycle... obviously, we are no longer living by law but by grace. I don't know what God says about tattoos but of all the things I've done that have taken me outside of the will of God... the tattoo hasn't been something I've been convicted of...

love the new blog!

Laura said...

I don't have a tattoo and I don't have the desire for one but I think its ok if someone else does.
I have never really heard about the spiritual signifiance of not having one. Personally for me, I have no ISSUE With it. Ok, I will stop preaching now!!
I think that really a tattoo is a personal one and if you wanna do go for it. But like others have said it should be in a place that is not so evident. I would not place it in a place that skin will take care of as age occurs. I am a nurse and I have seen what tattoos can do as someone ages and let me say this it aint pretty!!
Sher- I am so proud of you and this blog. Keep it up my friend.
Love ya lots,

Ace said...

I have 3. 2 are out of sight... as in hidden most of the time and not "outta sight" cool. But I still like them. Well, one of them. I'm rambling. My 3rd one is a black lizard on the inside of my ankle. Very visible and a few years later am now wishing it would've picked something prettier than a lizard or at least made it rainbow or something.

Kiesha said...

I have a tatoo but I never would have thought I would get one. My dad died when I was 23 and we did not have a good relationship, but still I loved him and was with him when he died.

When my uncle was asking me what kind of flowers I wanted to go on the casket, I told him that I had a favorite flower but would like to put Dad's favorite flower on there.
He said his favorite was yellow roses. I was so suprised because yellow roses had always been my favorite too and we did not know we had this in common.

So on my 23rd birthday I went with my best friend and got a yellow rose tattoo on my shoulder. It's placed where you can't see it, even if I am wearing a tank top.

My best friend is coming down for my son's birthday and we are going to get another one together, this time the same one. I thought it would be neat to get another one 10 years later. But it has to mean something very special to me if I am going to have it on my body forever.

When I saw the first lines of the post I had to go to your blog and look back on this one to see where you had mentioned and then I laugh when I saw you hadn't. That's cool you got that question.

Sadie :) I think you need to post a picture, I would love to see it :)

Jayme Cox said...

I love how timely this question came in! HA! I think tatoo's are fine. I personally do not have one, but have thought about getting one for a long time... just never have! Maybe I will now! I do not feel I can base a tatoo decision solely on the words of Leveticus because otherwise believers would have other things that should be changing as well! As far as location... I would not get one in a well scene spot, but am not opposed to one at all!

karen said...

Ok I loved this question. I know I have said that I think tattoo's are ugly. I guess when I think of tattoo's, I think about pictures. Most I have seen are pretty ugly to me. BUT, putting beauty from ashes on is an awesome idea. I think that suits the past couple years you have been going through.
I have surprised myself, I didn't believe I would ever think any tattoo was a good idea. You go girl!!

nancygrayce said...

My eyeliner is tattooed....I love it, but it was VERY painful....and after I got it, my sister pointed out the Leviticus passage! I'm so thankful for grace! :)

We were at a restaurant tonight and a lady came in with a tank top on and a rose on her breast that was beginning to sag and I said a silent thankyou that I never did that in a fit of agony or anything else!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Did someone get "beauty to ashes" on her foot? My only comment...since most feet are boney and lacking in flesh, I say OUCH!

Anonymous said...

I am with the anonymous person by going with the 'no tattoo' because scripture forbids it.

Leviticus 19:28 NIV
'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.'

twin power mommy said...

I love the Lord...

I love learning what the bible teaches on how we are to act, behave and obey.

I also want a tattoo.

I've been wanting one for some time.
Been thinking about it and i want to put it on the back of my neck.
I want to get a cross for Jesus and a red "blood splot" in the center of the cross.

Back in biblical times, a servant was tattoo'd showing who he belonged to.
Since i belong to, and am a servant for Jesus, i felt that was super significant to me.