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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Capri or Not to Capri

Dear Sadie,

I would like to get other women's advice/opinions about this issue. I've heard that you need to be a certain height in order to wear capris - is that true? I love them, but I am shorter. Any help?

Great question because I want to know the answer to this one. I have also heard that if you are less than 5'5" you should not wear capris. The past few days my daughter and I have been shopping and when I try on bermudas or capris, she will immediately say "too long"!! I thought they looked fine but I am believing my stylish 13 year old.

So...I just did a little research and here are a couple things I will pass on to you. Besides the fact that everyone has their own opinion.

Capris should not be tapered (you will look an ice cream cone)
The right length for capris is mid-calf.
Do not wear skinny capris unless you are very tall and slim.

I have a friend who wears "manpris".....NOT GOOD!!

What do the rest of you think??


Leslie said...

I have to say that I've never heard any of these rules regarding capris! Am I that out of the loop? I am 5'3" and I wear them.

However, when they first became popular, I didn't like them on myself because I felt like they looked better on heavier women. I'm about 25 pounds heavier now than I was at that time, and I have no problem wearing them. (Being in your 40's is just great
:-( Prior to 40, I never had much of a tush. Thankfully, my husband likes me with a little more "junk in the trunk"!)

As for "manpris"...a thousand times NO!!!! Especially with Crocks! Don't even get me started on those shoes.

Laura said...

Ok. Well I am tall being 5'7" and I am " heavy". I wear capris but they are probably not even the proper name. Now I am so confused! My capris go right below my knee and I like them that length. The ones that are mid-calf do not look good on me.
What length?? I have no idea. Just wear what you like? Who makes up these rules anyway??

Brenda said...

I think it's all about getting the proper proportions. When I was a little heavier, I went shorter, closer to the knee, (knee pants or peddle-pusher's), rather than capris because capris in my size were too long on me. Now that I've gone down a couple of sizes, I can wear capri's but it has to be the right cut for my body shape. Too narrow gives that ice cream cone shape but too wide doesn't work either.

Kim in NC said...

I think everyone looks good in capri's except me! Well I did have a couple of pair of "jean" capri's that I used to wear. They were longer though - you know, cuffed, closer to the ankle than mid-calf.

Anyway, I'm w/Laura - wear what you want to wear!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

What are manpris?

I say wear whatever. Why have rules for capris...are there rules for shorts and pants? I think we threw the whole no white before Memorial Day out the window, so throw this out the window.

I do like the shorts or whatever they are called that come above the knee and right below the knee..in addition to the midcalf ones.

I'm trying to loose weight (as I eat my blueberry no bake cheesecake) before I buy any more pants (shorts, capris, pants) regardless of length.

Anonymous said...

Is it me? Am I your friend wearing the manpris? I don't even know what they are, so it's probably me. Please, do let it be me. It's me, isn't it!! I have to sign this anonymous, just in case.

nancygrayce said...

I'm 5'3" and I wear capris every day during the summer! If I'm out of style, well oh, dear! What are manpris??? I'm really out of the loop now!