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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Money Tips

What are some tips on saving money (other than coupons right now) during this “economic” situation? I mean right now we are living pay check to pay check and we really have never had to live that way. It’s just awful! Thanks for the advice!

I love this question because I am hoping many others will pipe in with their advice too. Times sure are tough for most people out there!

There are several things that we all should be doing just to make sure that we aren't paying too much for some of our necessities. Call your insurance companies and make sure you have the proper coverage for homeowners, rental, autos, etc. Often we are paying more than we need to.

Keep asking for the best deals from all utilities. You can get better deals if you are persistent. If you have credit cards - do the same thing with them. Often you can get a better rate.

Planning meals is key. The fewer times you have to go to the grocery store, the more money you will save. Obviously, it goes without saying that if money is tight the eating out should be very limited. I TRY to make multiples meals at one time. One for dinner and one to freeze. The last time at the store, I told my daughter that we would not put one thing in the cart unless it was on sale. We did it!

Sell things you don't need. There are several places online that you can sell and people will buy just about anything.

I do not assume that everyone that reads this blog shares the same faith as I do but I will say that for me the most important thing is for me to remember that the money is really from the Lord. Yes, it has been earned through a lot of hard work, but essentially it is God that is providing it. Be a good steward of what He has given.

Alright, there's my two cents, now it's time for you all to pipe in. Start piping...


Leslie said...

I shop for many food items at Wal-Mart...they are just cheaper than the grocery store! Most of the time, store brands are just as good as name brands. However, I will not buy store brand ziplock baggies or frozen vegetables because I have found them to be of a lesser quality.

Think before you purchase that next knick-knack or gadget...how much space will it take up and how much time will you spend cleaning it?

If you have internet access, you don't really need to get the newspaper. You can read your favorite magazines at the library.

Best tip -- Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

C.C. and Double T said...

Great tips! And I agree that God is our provider. He gave us the health to work and the jobs we have.

Always tithe. He's given us 100%. The least we can do is give back to Him 10%. He will bless us for our obedience in this. We may not be rich, but He will always provide for our needs!

Jayme Cox said...

When doing our budget... we plan out everything we can. I plan out my meals for the month... i know it seems crazy, but I do. I only buy what I absolutely need from the store, no extras! I have our utilities on a budget plan. On bills that come in quarterly. I figure out how much a pay period I should take out so that its not one big amount at one time. Example. i take $15.00 a pay period for my water/sewer bill. I do for my insurance too. When we did our budget we took how much we make in a month minus all our fixed bills and made estimates for groceries and extras! I think I over spend when I do not plan out my meals and i get something I am wanting trying to tell myself its a need. I shop anywhere from Aldi's, Walmart, Meijers... deal shop Hope that helps!

Cheri' said...

One thing that really helped my husband and me was to use a cash envelope system. We learned about it through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace DVD's at our church.

It works like this: After getting your pay check you place grocery money, lunch money for the kids, gas money, etc. in separate marked envelopes. You use cash in each of those situations and others you may personally develop.

It is amazing how much more carefully you spend the money because you can see it disappearing. When the envelope is empty you just don't spend any more.

Seriously, if you can find a place that is offering Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University DVD's, it is well worth the $ it costs for the course. You will end up saving in ways you never knew were possible before.