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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sadie Needs Your Help!

Hi all,

As you know this blog is a place to come and ask for advice/opinions. Kind of hard to have a blog without your questions. Go over to the right sidebar and follow the instructions there under "have a question".

Now...I have a couple of random questions that have been asked and I am going to open this up to all of YOU to answer them. I'm not giving one opinion (yet). I might pop into the comment section with you at some point. Ok, here goes.


I have a friend who has terrible breath. I mean terrible. Should I tell her, do I ignore it? If I tell her, how do I do that? Thanks!

Here is another one...

Dear Sadie,

Is it ever okay to tell someone that their pantylines are showing? I have a co-worker who I don't think ever looks at her "backside" in a mirror. She and I really aren't close friends, but I think I would want someone to tell me if I looked like that. What do you think?

Alright ladies, please give your advice - I think it is desperately needed.

And don't forget to submit your own needs for advice!


Laura said...

My opinions are this.. You can take them and buy a cup of coffee... Ha, just kidding.
1) For the person with bad breath..Can you offer her some gum or something? I worked with an indvidual and she had bad bodoy odor so I bought her some deodrant and said you need to use this. It was not the most sensitive way to go about it but it got the job down!
2)Ok, the pantyline thing that is a tough one.. If I knew the person really well I would say something but if not well I don't have an answer for that.
Enough of my opinion for now..

Leslie said...

Concerning the panty line problem, since you're not close friends with this co-worker, I'd let it go. You don't know how she'll react. If she really takes offense, she might try to do something to sabotage you at work.

As for the bad breath, maybe somehow get on the topic of dentists? This is really a sensitive situation. I'm sorry, but I don't have any good advice for you!

cadence1228 said...

Not sure about the panty line - good luck w/that!
But the bad breath - you should say something!
We had that w/a friend & we told her by just saying that it was an issue w/another friend & that it ended up being dental issue. then we brought up that her breath sometimes wasn't the freshest & maybe she should get checked out to make sure she's ok. We just took it all back to health - not just it being gross - but to heart & dental health. It worked for us! Good luck!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I like cadence1228's comment. Keep the bad breath at a health issue level. I have heard that bad breath isn't so much about hygeine or lack of brushing. It can be chemical and it does preside with the tongue.

As far as the panty lines, personally who cares. I know that with some of my pants/shorts I may have panty lines. I mean I wear panties. I don't wear extremely tight pants but they aren't baggy in the butt because, I admit God blessed me way too much in the behind area. I think it was ordered for someone else and it got to the wrong address. Personally, I think panty lines are a part of life...at least for those of us who wear panties...or at least don't wear "thongs"...oh, is that okay to say on the web. I know they are called something else too, oh, g-strings. Is that better etique?

Now ink on my face, dirt on my butt, food on my chest, go ahead and tell me, I'll try to take care of that.

I really didn't know that all people didn't have the possibility of seeing that little ridge with just the right pants or tightness of pants.

Enough said...you asked, Sadie. You asked.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm just gonna put this out there as Anonymous..but I know who I am and I'm an honest, caring person with a coupla wacky ideas.

Bad breath: I like the idea of approaching the "offender" with sincere concern for their well-being.Yes, halitosis indicates a health issue. Low level inflammation in the body is very bad, especially for pregnant women, diabetics, heart conditions, etc. Bad breath can originate from inflamed gums, cavities and from the stomach.

Panty lines: Yup, they kinda bug me but more so when I have them. I can't really stand the feel of thongs so believe it or not, I gave up wearing panties with pants. Feminine hygiene products have evolved over the years and there are now plenty of extra long pantyliners that can be affixed right to the inseam of the slacks. Good air circulation is much better for personal health. It takes a little getting used to the sensation but it's perfectly modest, discreet and hygienic. If you wish, you can change the liner during the day. Panty lines be gone!!

Tights: Ballet dancers never wear panties under their tights. Therefore, I don't wear panties and pantyhose at the same time. Who needs two layers? I also think it looks wrong to see little girls with panties hanging out under their leotards and showing through the tights. It's certainly not more "modest" to show underwear this way.

I also avoid panty lines in winter by wearing tights or pantyhose under slacks. It doesn't matter if they have runs in them cause I usually wear socks and warm shoes, too.

Ta da!! The secrets of "anonymous"/Sadie!

Sheryl said...

oh my goodness, i am loving your comments.

dear anonymous: i can understand why you want to withhold your name, but i'm glad you shared. you had some great advice.

Brenda said...

Ok, personally I think TMI when I read anonymous's post. Also, when I tried to come back here the 2nd time, my web filter blocked it for mature content. HMMM. I think the question was, do I tell my co-worker and I think the answer is absolutely not. Only really good friends can talk about each other's panty lines.